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8 Days 7 Nights Autumn Delights
Date Itinerary Picture Transport Meals
Day 1 Kuala Lumpur – Dalian (D)
Arrived Dalian at 1635, after dinner visit and shopping at Dashang Shopping Street.
Winter Ski Tour Xiamen Airline Dalian Holiday Inn Express Hotel or similar
Day 2 Dalian-Shenyang-Pyongyang (B/ L/ D)
After breakfast, experience high speed train to Shenyang. After Lunch fly to Pyongyang. Arrive Pyongyang at 1600, visit Arch of Triumph then dinner on the “Taedonggang” river cruise, enjoy the beautiful night view of Pyongyang.
High Speed Train,
Air Koryo
Yanggakdo Int'l Hotel or similar
Day 3 Pyongyang (B/L/D)
After breakfast, embark on a city tour of Pyongyang City. Visit Mansudae Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monument, Kim Il Sung Square, Chollima Statue, Mangyongdae Native House (Birth place of President Kim IL Sung). After lunch, Visit Juche Tower and Monument to Foundation of Party. Moran Hill has been called as the “garden of the capital”; it derives its name from the shape of peony blossom. The Old Ramparts, Ulmil Pavilion, Chilsong Gate, Chongnyu and Pubyok Pavilions provide fascinating view. Chilsong Gate was built in the mid-6th century, with a legend it has been called as “Gate of Love” and “Gate of Happiness”. Visit Taedonggang Number 3 brewery.
Yanggakdo International Hotel
Day 4 Pyongyang – Kaesong – Pyongyang (B/L/D)
Drive to Kaesong City (160 km), Panmunjom (DMZ), Koryo Museum, Kaesong Stamp Exhibition and Souvenir Shop (Ginseng). After lunch visit Mausoleum of King Wang Kon, founder of Koryo Dynasty. Visit Janam Hill: Kim IL Sung statue in Kaesong. Drive back to Pyongyang; visit Monument to Three Charters for National Reunification, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and US Spy Ship “Pueblo”.
  Yanggakdo International Hotel
Day 5 Pyongyang – Mt Myohyang – Pyongyang (B/L/D)
Drive to Mt.Myohyang (160 km), Mt Myohyang is one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea. Mt. Myohyang is more famous with Internatioanl Friendship Exhibition and Pohyon Buddhist Temple. After lunch drive back to Pyongyang. Pyongyang Schoolchildren’s Palace- the most comprehensive centre for extracurricular activities for school children in Pyongyang. Sit back and enjoy a world-class children cultural performance.
  Yanggakdo Int’l Hotel or similar
Day 6 Pyongyang-Shenyang (B/L/D)
Visit and experience Pyongyang Metro, then proceed to airport fly to Shenyang. After Lunch, visit September 18th History Museum, collection of a large number of precious historical photos and artifacts Mukden Incident. Shopping at Zhong Jie Pedestrian Street.
Air Koryo Ruifeng Internation Hotel or similar
Day 7 Shenyang- Dalian (B/L/D)
Visit Shenyang Imperial Palace is the former imperial palace of the early Qing Dynasty of China consist of Han, Manchurian, and Mongolian styles. And experience the historical atmosphere of Manqing Street in front of Shenyang Imperial Palace. Visit Former Residence of Zhang XueLiang, Former Residence of Zhao YiDi.
Dalian Holiday Inn Express Hotel or similar
Day 8 Dalian-Kuala Lumpur
After breakfast, visit Binhai Road, Beida Suspension Bridge (Lover Bridge), Xinghai Square, Hutan (Tiger Beach) and Century Sculpture. After lunch fly back to Kuala Lumpur. Arrival Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2200.
Xiamen Airline