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The National Flag

The red five-point star symbolizes the revolutionary traditions inherited by the Republic and a bright future of the Korean people. The red colour is symbolic of loyalty of the Korean people to their leader, socialist patriotism, indomitable fighting spirit and invincible unity and cohesion.
The white circle and white stripes imply that the Korean people are a homogeneous nation with a long history extending 5,000 years and a brilliant culture and that they are a wise, industrious, brave, patriotic, pure-hearted people with a firm spirit.
The two blue stripes signify the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.

The National Emblem

Mt.Paektu and the red five-point star in the national emblem symbolize unshakable faith and will of the Korean people who are committed to carry forward the revolutionary cause of Juche sparked at the peak of Mt.Paektu.
The red ribbon shows that the Republic is the most revolutionary and popular state inheriting the anti-Japanese revolutionary traditions.
The hydro-power station is symbolic of independent and modern industry relying on the powerful heavy industry and of the working class.
The ears of rice depict the rural economy developing on a modern reliable ally of the working class.

The National Flower

Magnolia sieboldii also called “Mongnan” or “Mokran” (목란; 木蘭) is the national flower of DPR Korea. It is usually grown as an ornamental tree in gardens. This species, Magnolia Sieboldii is one of the hardiest magnolias that can thrive in difficult environment and can be found as far north as the Arboretum in Finland.
The flowers, blossoming primarily only in early summer and continue intermittently until late summer. The flowers are pendulous, cup-shaped, 7-10 cm diameter, and have 6-12 petals with the outer three smaller tepals and the remaining larger white petals. The carpels are greenish and the stamens can be reddish-purple or greenish-white.

The National Anthem

Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land,
Three thousand leagues packed with natural wealth.
My beautiful fatherland.
The glory of a wise people
Brought up in a culture brilliant
With a history five millennia long.
Let us devote our bodies and minds
To supporting this Korea for ever.

The firm will, bonded with truth,
Nest for the spirit of labour,
Embracing the atmosphere of Mount Paektu,
Will go forth to all the world.
The country established by the will of the people,
Breasting the raging waves with soaring strength.
Let us glorify for ever this Korea,
Limitlessly rich and strong.