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Mt.Kumgang is situated at the east coast of Korea. It is one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea, offering a unique mix of multifarious 12,000 peaks with fantastic rocks, cascades, pools and an exhilarating sea view.
The mountain has seasonal names; "Kumgang" in spring, meaning it shines like a diamond, "Pongnae" in summer as it was frequented by spirits, "Phungak" in autumn, presenting a rich view of maples and "Kaegol" in winter offering a contrast of white snow and bizarre rocks.
It stretches 60km from south to north and 40km from east to west, covering an area of 530km². It has become more famous with many histrical remains and legends.
Distance: Pyongyang-Wonsan 200km, Wonsan-Mt.Kumgang 110km

Sea Kumgang

It is a famous attraction with a lagoon and the sea, dividing in Lagoon Samil, Sea Kumgang and Chongsokjong Districts.