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Mt.Kumgang is situated at the east coast of Korea. It is one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea, offering a unique mix of multifarious 12,000 peaks with fantastic rocks, cascades, pools and an exhilarating sea view.
The mountain has seasonal names; "Kumgang" in spring, meaning it shines like a diamond, "Pongnae" in summer as it was frequented by spirits, "Phungak" in autumn, presenting a rich view of maples and "Kaegol" in winter offering a contrast of white snow and bizarre rocks.
It stretches 60km from south to north and 40km from east to west, covering an area of 530km². It has become more famous with many histrical remains and legends.
Distance: Pyongyang-Wonsan 200km, Wonsan-Mt.Kumgang 110km

Outer Kumgang

It includes between Kuryongyon District where Kuryong Falls is pouring down and Sea Kumgang. It is highlights of the Mountain. The sights are Kuryongyong, the Manmulsang, Sujongbong and Sonha Districts.