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Pyongyang is the capital and the centre of politics, economy and culture of the DPRK. Pyongyang with a long history is the site where Taedonggang Culture, enriched the ancient Oriental culture, had been created. It was the capital of Kojoson, first ancient state established 5,000 years ago by Tangun, founder of Korean nation, and later it was the capital of Koguryo, known as the powerful state in the Korean history.
Traditional and modern buildings form a harmonious whole in the city. Historical remains and relices from the primitive, ancient and middle ages to the modern days, including the remains of the Taedonggang Culture are preserved in Pyongyang.
From old times Pyongyang has been called Ryugong meaning a city of willows. It affords magnificent views with mountains high and low, including the Moran Hill, Taesong and Ryongak Mountains and River Taedong, thus it gives the impression of a city in park.

Ice Rink



Pyongyang Indoor Stadium



Haedanghwa Service Complex



Ryugyong Health Complex



People's Theatre



Pyongyang Maternity Hospital



The Academy of Koryo Medicine



Kim Man Yu Hospital



Ryugyong Detal Hospital



Okryu Children's Hospital



Pyongyang Metro



Okryu Restaurant



Chongryu Restaurant



Minzok Restaurant



Kaeson Youth Park



Munsu Water Park



Rungna People's Pleasure Park



Central Zoo



Central Arboretum



People's Open-air Ice Rink and Skate Park