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Pyongyang is the capital and the centre of politics, economy and culture of the DPRK. Pyongyang with a long history is the site where Taedonggang Culture, enriched the ancient Oriental culture, had been created. It was the capital of Kojoson, first ancient state established 5,000 years ago by Tangun, founder of Korean nation, and later it was the capital of Koguryo, known as the powerful state in the Korean history.
Traditional and modern buildings form a harmonious whole in the city. Historical remains and relices from the primitive, ancient and middle ages to the modern days, including the remains of the Taedonggang Culture are preserved in Pyongyang.
From old times Pyongyang has been called Ryugong meaning a city of willows. It affords magnificent views with mountains high and low, including the Moran Hill, Taesong and Ryongak Mountains and River Taedong, thus it gives the impression of a city in park.

Pyongyang Folklore Park

The Pyongyang Folklore Park at the foot of Mt. Taesong is an open-air museum which intensively showcases the time-honoured history and brilliant culture of Korea and a cultural resort for the people.
The folklore park consists of areas for general history education, historical relics exhibition, contemporary times, folklore village and folk games.
The Pyongyang Folklore Park has been built not only on the principle of fidelity to the historical truth but in conformity with architectural requirements so that everyone can witness and experience the Korean history and culture.
Following pictures show a part of the Pyongyang folklore park.







Koguryo office building



Kumgangsan Park



Turtle Ship (scale 1:1)






Dwelling house of Hamgyong Province



Sokgul Grotto in Kyongju (scale 1:1)



Mausoleum of King Tangun (scale 1:5)



Conical Cottage (scale 1:1)



Dwelling house of Phyongan Province



Jong Il Peak (scale 1:10)



West Sea Barrage (scale 1:15)





Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace (scale 1:15)



Arch of Triumph (scale 1:7)



May Day Stadium (scale 1:20)



Mansudae Art Theatre (scale 1:15)



Ice Rink (scale 1:15)



Ryugyong Hotel (scale 1:20)