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The 2,750m Mt.Paektu is the highest mountain in Korea. It is the best mountain among the six celebrated mountains of Korea with magnificent 216 peaks, mysterious climate, alpine faunal and floral resources.
The mountain is crowned with white snow all year round, hence the name. The mountaintop is celebrated for the panoramic view of Lake Chon, situated at the highest point in the world as a volcanic lake. It is highlighted by the sunrise, an unrivaled ecstasy to be found.
Mt.Paektu is the sacred mountain of Korean revolution where great President Kim Il Sung waged anti-Japanese revolutionary war to liberate Korea and great General Kim Jong Il was born. Therefore, it has becoming a desirable site of every visitor to this country.
It is 385km from Pyongyang in a straight line. It is more easily accessible by air.
Distance: Pyongyang-Mt Paektu 385km

Mt. Paektu



Mt. Paektu at sunrise



Lake Chon on the summit of Mt. Paektu viewed from the air



The Sobaek Stream in summer



Hyangdo Peak in winter



Flowering season at the foot of Mt. Paektu



Piru Peak



Folds in a lava zone



Spring comes to the shore of Lake Chon



The Paektu forest in autumn



A carpet of flowers by the lake



Rimyongsu in summer





Monument to Mt. Paektu



The birthplace of leader Kim Jong Il at the secret camp on Mt. Paektu



A snowstorm on Janggun Peak



Haeppal Peak in summer



The Paektu forest in summer



Cloudscape over Lake Chon



A carpet of flowers by the lake



Hyongje (Brothers) Falls, Sagimun Falls, Rimyongsu Falls



Mt. Paektu viewed from Mt. Kom.



The secret camp on Soyonji Peak



Larch trees on Mt. Kom



An aerial view of Lake Samji