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One of the six celebrated mountains of Korea, Mt.Myohyang gets its name from the mystic and fragrant peaks. Its seasonal views are fantastic, however, Mt.Myohyang is more famous with International Friendship Exhibition where gifts presented to President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il are on display and with 1,000-years-long Buddhist Pohyon Temple.
Distance: Pyongyang-Mt.Myohyang 150km

Ryongmun Cavern

It is a lime cavern located at Ryongmun Workers' District, Kujang County, North Phyongan Province which belongs to Outer Myohyang. The cavern was formed for a long time by water-soluble lime underground. This geological wonder has few parallel. It has two main caverns and tens of side caverns. The drip-drops from the ceiling created scores of multifarious sights like Kwanmang-dae, Manmul-dong, Phungnyon-dong, Paektumillyong-dong, Kwangmyong-dong and Ryongmun Square.