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Located in the middle of Korea, Kaesong was the capital of Koryo, first unified state of Korea in the midde ages, existed for about 500 years.
Now it sits on the Military Demarcation Line, implying tragic division of the nation. It is also the home of Koryo Insam (ginseng).
Preserved here are many historical remains and relics of Koryo dynasty. A number of historical sites in Kaesong, DPRK, were named UNESCO World Heritage sites in the 37th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in June 2013 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


It lies 8km southeast of Kaesong city centre. Originally Panmunjom was a village between Kaesong and Seoul. The humble rural village has been wide known after the Armistice Talks were held.
The meeting hall where Armistice Talks were held and the hal where the Armistice Agreement was signed are in it. The conference halls for Military Armistice Commission and the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission straddle the Military Demacration Line.



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