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Tourist Visa

All nationals will need a valid passport and a visa to travel to DPR Korea.
The passport must remain valid for at least six (6) months from the date of entry into DPR Korea and ensure that it contain an un-used visa pages for the visa to be issued.
Malaysian passport holders do not require a visa to travel to DPR Korea, only a simple process for an entry-permit is needed.
To apply for a tourist visa or an entry permit to DPR Korea, you will need to book a full package tour including hotel accommodation, transfers and meals through an accredited travel agency in your country of residence. There are also unaccredited agencies offer such services, however, simply by going through an accredited agency themselves.
The accredited agency will submit the visa or entry permit application to Kuala Lumpur-based DPR Korea Tourism office for processing.
Allow 4 weeks (visa) / 2 weeks (entry permit) for the application to be processed once your agent has submitted the documentation.


Foreign exchange is available at the Trade Bank of DPRK or its agent in hotels, shops and restaurants. However, the most common foreign currencies used are Euro and Chinese Yuan (Renminbi), USD can also be traded in most cases.
You are advised to bring some small denomination bills/coins as there is a shortage of small change, so at time having small denominations can make your shopping experience easier.
Travellers’ cheques are impossible to cash in the DPRK. Credit cards are not accepted and there are no ATMs in the country, therefore please bring sufficient cash to last for your stay.
Tourists are not permitted to use the local currency (Korean Won). However you may be able to get hold of a Korean won as a souvenir only but not for use to purchase goods.
The best currency to use when buying goods remains the Chinese Renminbi and Euro.

Phone Service

Mobile phone, laptop, iPad allowed into DPR Korea effective from January 1, 2013 but need to be declared to the custom on arrival. There are no roaming services in DPR Korea. In order to access call in DPR Korea, you need to purchase a local SIM card (ensure your phone is 3G compatible) which is available at the airport after immigration and custom clearance.

Charges for SIM card:
To register a personal SIM card :
                              Eur 50.00 (no call value included)
Renting a SIM card* (2 weeks validity) :
                              Euro 50.00 inclusive of Euro 30.00 call value
Renting a SIM card *(1 month validity) :
                              Eur 75.00 inclusive of Eur 55.00 call value

Call Charges per minute:
To : China & Southeast Asian countries: Eur 1.43 per min
To : Russia : Eur 0.68 per min
To : France & Switzerland : Eur 0.38 per min
To : UK & Germany : Eur 1.58 / m


If you are joining a tour, generally all meals are provided and inclusive on the tour. Most of the meals will feature traditional Korean food, inc: Pansanggi ( a set of dishes ranges from 5 to 11 in brass bowls with rice and soup), Korean Steam Pot , 'Ori Bulgogi' (Duck meat barbecued which you cook yourself); 'Kimchi' (pickled cabbage). Local beer, water and on occasion, Ginseng wine are available at meal times. There is a rather limited menu for vegetarians. If you are a vegan contact your travel agency for arrangement before traveling.

Camera and Video Camera

Camera and Video Camera is allow. Important – Stand alone GPS Devices and Cameras fitted with GPS devices are NOT ALLOW to bring into DPR Korea, therefore please ENSURE that the camera you are bringing with you to DPR Korea is not fitted with GPS device. Otherwise your camera will need to surrender to Custom for safe keeping at Airport and will only return to you upon departure of your flight. You can take pictures of most things and everyone who visits always takes many pictures for remembrance however there are some rules on photography that have to be obeyed particularly visiting military sensitive area such as Panmunjom/DMZ. Your local tour guide will further brief you on the DO and DON’T during your stay in DPR Korea.