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Can I travel to DPR Korea?

Of course. You are welcome to DPR Korea for a holiday. Going to DPR Korea is completely safe and totally legal.
DPR Korea Tourism worked closely with accredited travel agencies in the S.E.A and India to conduct meaningful, safe, affordable trips for the travellers to the DPRK. You can contact any of the accredited travel agents in your country of residence to help with your travel plan to DPR Korea.

Do I need a visa to DPR Korea?

All travellers will need a valid passport and visa to travel to DPR Korea. Only Malaysian passport holders do not need a visa to travel to DPR Korea but an application for an entry permit is needed. You can apply for a tourist visa or an entry permit to DPR Korea through an accredited travel agency in your country of residence. The accredited agency will apply at our office for your tourist visa or entry permits to be issued before you commence travel to DPR Korea.

What kinds of attractions can I see in DPR Korea?

Visiting DPR Korea is a meaningful experience. DPR Korea is for travellers who want something new and different from the traditional vacation. Your tour will take you visiting fascinating attractions that are unique for DPR Korea. You will sleep in hotels, drink in bars and walk through cities that few have experienced before. And then you’ll return home with stories that no one else has, photos that will blow your mind for years to come, and friendships with the locals that will last a lifetime.

Is it possible to travel on independent tour?

Yes it is possible. If there is a request, independent tour can be worked out for your travel needs on a case by case basis.

How is the climate in DPR Korea?

DPR Korea has a climate with distinct seasonal changes i.e. spring, summer, autumn and winter, and each season has its own unique beauty.
Spring is from March to May with an average temperature between 13°C ~ 17°C, summer is from June to August with average temperature goes between 25°C ~ 32°C, autumn is from September to November and the average temperature goes between 10°C ~15°, and winter is from December to February average temperature is between -15°C ~-25°C.

What Plugs do the DPR Koreans use?

Electric plugs are 220 volts, and the plug sizes are the same ones used in Western Europe. If you have different plugs, your hotel can provide adaptors for you.

Can I bring my mobile phone in?

Mobile phones are now allowed into the DPRK. Sim cards can be rented or purchased with which you can use a 3G network and make international calls.

What facilities/services do the hotels have?

In the Deluxe hotels- The Yanggakdo and the Koryo hotel there is a wide range of services including laundry, business services such as copying and faxes, and post. They also feature numerous entertainment facilities and services such as restaurants, karaoke lounge, bar, casino and massage. All hotels provide shampoo, body wash and toothbrushes/toothpaste.

Am I allowed to take photos and video?

Yes! For the most part, you will be free to capture everything you see. There are only a handful of places where you will need to observe some rules on photography; these are rare instances, though, such as visiting military sensitive area. Your local tour guide will further brief you on the DO and DON’T during your stay in DPR Korea, and these places will always be made clear.

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